Ragnarok Zero

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    2D Fantasy

The legendary MMORPG returns in the form of a new browser-based experience. Set during the events before the original Ragnarok Online storyline, players will be able to team up, explore and battle in the world of Midgard from virtually any internet connected web browser. While combining modern game features with its nostalgic art style, Ragnarok Zero is set to capture the hearts of new and old MMORPG gamers all over the world.


Classic 2D visuals - The art style and environments that fans have come to expect from the original RO is perfectly retained in RO Zero.

Skill system - Each class has access to many different skills, but only a few can be equipped at a time, so players must choose their skill set carefully for each situation.

PvE Challenges and PvP Rankings - Prove your skill and mettle against other players in daily team PvP tournaments and arenas, or show off your monster-bashing skills with PvE challenges.

Customization - Players will have complete control over their character's stats, allowing them to fine tweak their characters to fit their play style. Along with the return of the monster card system, no two character class may play the same way.

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