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RaiderZ is among a new breed of MMOs including Dragon Nest and TERA Online that are setting out to redefine the MMORPG genre by including FPS elements and non-targeting combat systems. These games take elements from modern console actions games and incorporate them seamlessly into the online realm. Now Raiderz is looking to take it a step further with interactive environments and freedom of class building!


Exhilarating Combat: Enjoy a dynamic non-targeting combat system which will challenge even the most hardcore players. Try to stay out of your enemy’s range to avoid getting pulverized.
Gigantic Monsters: Fight against huge monsters, tear them to bits and use the pieces to your advantage in the next battle.

Counterattack: Collect parts from your enemies and turn their weapons against them. That could mean better gear for your character or even temporary buffs.

No Class Restrictions: No predefined character classes. Create a truly unique avatar by choosing your own special skill set from more than 350 talents.

Grappling System: Monsters don’t just smack you and deal damage in RaiderZ. They grip you, munch on you, and throw you around like you’ve never experienced in an MMO before!

True Physics: From the way an enemy’s spear breaks on your shield to the breeze ruffling your cloak, every element of RaiderZ reacts to true physics on a state of the art game engine.

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