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Rail Nation is a free-to-play browser strategy game centered around trains and train management. Start up their own railway company, manage transports on a daily basis and to team up with associations in order to finally become the victorious single player or group of players.


Discover America: Play on the original map of the United States of America, with over 50 American cities and detailed landscapes create a very unique flair. Many new American engines will make your conductor's heart flutter.

Warehouse: Use warehouses as the central hub for all goods. Save yourself the time to travel to far-away industries and use a warehouse near you instead. Invest together with other players in warehouses to keep waiting times low.

East vs. West: Join one of the two big railway unions in the east or west. Take over cities and help them grow, in order to collect lots of points for your union. Wrap up the duel by delivering loads of goods to the megacities and holding the victorious megacity in the end.

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