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The world of Ravaged is a massive "What-if" scenario of our own planet. Our world, as we know it, has ended and is now a place of war and destruction. Two factions, the "Resistance" and the "Scavengers" are in a constant battle to claim what is left of the world's resources. The Resistance wants to use them to rebuild society, and the Scavengers just want to make it their own. What faction will you fight for?


Vehicular Combat: The game currently has 10 vehicles you can drive. Most vehicles have multiple seats, so you can have teammates gun for you or they can just hitch a ride to the next capture point.

Beautiful maps:
Very detailed and beautiful maps to play on. Explore what remains of the world after the apocalypse.

Choose Your Side: Choose which of Ravaged factions you want to fight for, each with their own particular style.

All Online: The whole game is online only. Up to 64 players per server makes for epic online battles between players.

Squads: Squad up with your friends and clan-mates while in a match. You can spawn on your squad leader to quickly get back in the action.

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