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ReCore travels to the violently dangerous Far Eden in the hopes of a new beginning, however, the corebots sent to assist have gone rogue and terrorize the land. It's your job to uncover the mystery and solve the problem. Save the planet, save mankind, available for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Genesis: After a cataclysmic event on Earth, Far Eden is humanity's last hope. Investigate, explore, and attempt to make the new planet hospitable enough for new life.

Corebots: Team up with and customize your own robotic companion.

Dream Team: The legends behind Megaman and Metroid Prime join forces to create a truly remarkable experience.

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Game Videos

  • ReCore: Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

    ReCore, the Xbox exclusive has a new trailer, fresh from Gamescom! Are you ready to save Far Eden?

  • ReCore E3 Gameplay Trailer

    From the legendary Keiji Inafune, comes ReCore, a brand new action-adventure game! The trailer has some great gameplay footage teased in it.

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