Red Awakening

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    Domino Effect Ltd

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Red Awakening is a multiplayer FPS Horror game developed by Domino Effect. Influenced by the slasher movie genre and classic FPS and stealth games of the 90s and 00s, Red Awakening lets players jump into a surreal blend of neon drenched environments, satirical storytelling, first-person dynamic stealth, parkour style movement, drug induced power-ups, ultra-violent gameplay and an unnerving “Carpenter-esque” synth soundtrack.


Freedom of Movement: Act like a ninja lunatic with Red Awakening's fully dynamic parkour system that includes wall running, wall jumping, wall hanging, mantling, sliding, sprinting, crouching and the ability to kick.

Dynamic Detection System Enjoy a stylish stealth system where the screen changes color whether you're detected by enemies or not.

Visceral First Person Combat: Experience up close and personal melee combat and executions, allowing players to collect, or even pull, weapons from the surrounding environment such as Fire Axes, Hammers, Circular Saw blades, shards of glass

Special abilites : Feel like the ultimate predator using stealth and thermal vision to stalk enemy players.

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