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    G-rex Soft

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Red War is an isometric MMORPG that evokes memories of dungeon crawl RPGs of the past, while keeping the formula fresh with new features and systems.

Key Features:
* PvP Battles based on skill, not level
-PvP battles take place 3 times a day, and are open to virtually all players.
-Once players join, their level is set to 80 to ensure a level playing field. Players can redistribute stats, skills, etc. to customize their characters for each battle.
-Players re-spawn every 10 seconds upon death, and the team with the most kills at the end of the tournament earns the chance to fight exciting boss monsters and reap the rewards of acquiring unique prizes.
* Castle Sieges
-A large scale battle that has guilds vying for control over castles
-Members of the guild that is victorious controls the castle. The guild has access to all the castle’s amenities and features, such as Portals that lead to all villages, Castle dungeons, and can receive taxes as well.
* Clones
-Creates a Clone of yourself. The clone starts off at level 1, but increases in level as you do, and can even have their Class changed. Besides being a hunting partner, your Clone is also handy for:
-Storing extra items
-Setting up a shop while you go out hunting

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  • Larry Robertson

    i want redwars to come back Nightcloud misses everyone

    • Grannybrakewind

      Yes I miss RW

      • Larry Robertson

        I miss you and gray more then anyone what you plying now

        • DG:?:?

          hey guys is dragongod :p i havent had that name in a long time granny its been a wile still remember beating you at the monster races sorry i couldent give youre gear back the polearm helped me alot tho idk tho gray still remember him did you guys see the thing they were doing on fb ? idk if its real or not :/ oh well seeyall

          • Larry Robertson

            see what on facebook whats the link

  • Cody T

    i miss this game also, i hope they bring it back eventually

  • XxMasterxX

    Is there any similiar game plz tell me

    • Larry Robertson

      not that i’ve seen

  • Ben Feng

    seems 2018 i still missed this game so bad =/
    if there some game like this plzz let me know(Thanks You)