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Reign Of Kings is a 3D Medieval MMORPG developed by Code}{atch and is available on Steam as an Early Access Game. In Reign of Kings players will be able to experience the thrill of Medieval warfare in a variety of aspects as they try to survive a harsh, open world with their own customizable character. Resources can be collected, sieges can be conducted, and even castles can be constructed. Resources like sticks, thatch, stone, wood, water grain, and minerals can be collected by the player in order to craft and create new items to aid them in their survival, especially weapons and armor. One-handed swords, maces, axes, two-handed swords, stones, javelins, and bows can all be used to fend off opposing players. Bases can be constructed from small houses to massive castles that can be used to defend your earnings from rogue players. Guilds can be formed with fellow players who seek a common goal or with friends who merely wish to work together. There are two goals in Reign of Kings. The first is merely to survive by any means possible. The second, ultimate goal in Reign of Kings is to claim the throne for yourself, or your clan, and reign supreme over all those under your dominion.


Punishing Deaths: Reign of Kings features a roguelike death system. If a player dies, then their bodies become lifeless and any nearby players can loot their corpse and take their items. After death a player will respawn in a random part of the map, but this can be changed by constructing a bed.

Capturing Players: If outright fighting players isn't your style, then you're in for a treat. In Reign of Kings players can sneak up on and capture each other, perhaps dragging them to a nearby cell they have constructed or executing them in a manner that they see fit.

Automatic Resource Gathering: The gathering of some resources like water and grain can be automated by creating collection stations, but be careful on your station's placement because the resources within these stations can be stolen by other players.

Crafting Upgrades: In addition to collection stations both production and refining stations can be created. At production stations players can craft new items for use. At refining stations players are able to upgrade the items that they have created to make them even stronger.

Rule From The Ancient Throne: Every player seeks the Ancient Throne and with it come the benefits of being king. Players who claim the Anicent Throne will be able to tax all players under their dominion, and also receive and Ancient Crown and Ancient Sword to flaunt.

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