Relic Hunters Zero

  • Information

  • Developer:
    Rogue Snail

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, Shooter

Relic Hunters Zero is a free to play 2D Shooter where players will fight off evil space ducks and turtles developed by Rogue Snail and is available for PC and Mac on Steam. Quick thinking, strategical positioning, and skilled moves are all rewarded in Relic Hunters Zero, ensuring only the most focused players will achieve victory. Either by yourself or with your friends you will be able to fight your way past the vile space invaders, gaining new weapons and characters as you progress throughout the game.


Six Characters: Players can choose from six different playable characters to play as.

Two Game Modes: Players can play through "Adventure Mode" and complete 12 action-packed levels and those looking for more of a challenge can play "Endless Mode".

Open-Source: Relic Hunters Zero's source code is wide open, allowing for anyone to create their own game mods to give the game their own artistic flair.

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Game Videos

  • Relic Hunters Zero Year 2 Trailer and Kickstarter Announcement

    Relic Hunters Zero celebrates 2 years of open sourced and kick ass development, along with a teaser of the sequel getting Kickstarted in 2017!

  • Relic Hunters Zero Spookylands Trailer

    Introduced just recently, Relic Hunters Zero Spookylands is a new area where undead creatures, environmental hazards, and new chests await.

  • Relic Hunters Zero – Endless Mode

    Update 7 is now live for Relic Hunters Zero, adding a new Endless Mode, Steam achievements, and more. Update notes can be found here.

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