Remnant Knights

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Remnant Knights is an anime-inspired MMORPG with a story written by DC Comics' 2010 Eisner award winning graphic novelist, Jim Krueger, and dialog by Hunter Brown book series creators, Chris and Allen Miller.  Players will experience the vast and amazing world of Kasmari and learn that they are the last line of defense against an ancient threat that has returned.  After choosing one of the three basic areas of study -- Gun Circle, Magic Circle or Fight Circle -- players will begin honing their skills at either the Owl or Dragon School. At level 10, players will have the option to specialize into classes such as the Dual Gunner and Heavy Launcher.

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  • sspeedydragon

    i really love this game :'(

  • ~Satria~


  • harmony james

    dang remnant knights was so good i really loved it i miss it D:

  • Ejhay Poras

    why did they close this game…..such a waste 🙁

  • Alexera

    i really loved this game TT_TT (luckly i found a game similar) (Aura kingdom!!) but i found it weird how the owl and dragon school students couldnt be friends with each other

    • kirito

      yea it was soo cool i miss this game very much T_T why they have to shut down the game answer this