Revolution Ace

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    Laser Guided Games

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Revolution Ace is a top-down shooter for PC and iOS, with unique multiplayer options and a harken back to classic gameplay.


Large Arsenal: Customize your loadout with over 20 weapons. Level up to unlock more weapon slots and additional perks to maximize your damage.

Stronger Defense: Shields & armor won't disappate on the first hit, meaning you can focus more on destruction. Need more defensive power? Upgrade them!

Competitive Play: Battle in a unique versus mode where you can send hazards, enemies, and more to your opponent as you race for the high score; or play an asynchronous version in Battle Chains, where every link in the chain gets harder!

Local/Online Co-Op: PC gamers can enjoy local and online two player co-op that expands the playing field while increasing the difficulty.

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    A shoot'em up with classic gameplay, modern accessibility, and unique multiplayer, Revolution Ace adds to the tried-and-true without diminishing what makes

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