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In the small state of Merania, located in Latin America, a Dictator has emerged and holds the country under military rule. In RiotZone, you take the role of a mercenary commander in either the fanatical Scarlet Alliance or the businesslike Crown Coalition, and face off against the forces of Merania's Dictator. Direct your army into battle as you foray, ambush, intercept, and raid.

A strategy game, combat in RiotZone features a semi-automatic combat system in which each fighter acts independently on the battlefield, while you oversee and call the shots, making sure your mercenaries use their special skills to the best advantage. As commander, you will also be responsible for setting up your army's camp, training your soldiers, and even managing your supplies and finances.

Face off alone against the enemy, join with friends in raids against opposing camps, or battle in intense player versus player battlefields. The future of Merania's political landscape is in your hands!

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