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The world we live in witnesses the endless wars. Innumerable great civilizations hadlived here. Rough living conditions and cruel wars caused chaos in the world. Only a small number of races remain with their distinctive culture. But battles between different civilizations never stop; in stead, they develop into more fierce conditions. In order to expand the territory and gain better develop space, many ancient civilizations had fight for centuries.
As a magnificent web strategic game, there is no download needed. Also playing the game is always free. "Rise of Empire" pictures a world war in medieval period. With its broad world views and different development routes of 10 ancient civilizations,you can build up their own empires among them.You can expandyour territory through continuous exploration and/or robbery. Meanwhile, infrastructure needed for empire’s development can be built on the increasing territory, which is also the major content for an empire.

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    Enter the world of Rise of Empire, a new Browser Based  strategic MMO that will bring you back to Middle Age during a gigantic world war! Curious abou

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