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    Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Robocraft Infinity is an upcoming buy-to-play shooter game developed by Freejam for PC and Xbox One and it is the remastered version of Robocraft. In Robocraft Infinity players can design their own weaponized mechs, drones, and other kinds of robots block by block and take them into 5 versus 5 online battles. Whether you want to fly around, drive around, blast enemies with lasers, or ram your enemies as hard as you can Robocraft Infinity has a robot for you. With your only limit being your imagination there are so many possible robots waiting to be created by you!


Customizable Robots: Customize your robot however you see fit whether it be with the blocks it is made of, the shape it is of, or the weapons it has.

Infinity Block Progression: Use the new infinity block progression to help you easily build your structures with similar blocks.

Controller Support: This new remastered version of Robocraft has controller support, a long awaited feature for the game!

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