Robot Arena III

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    Gabriel Interactive

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    Fighting, Sports, Sim

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Robot Arena III is a 3D robot fighting simulator developed by Gabriel Interactive and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access for PC. Sparks will fly, metal will bend, parts will be destroyed, and your creation could be destroyed before your very eyes. In Robot Arena III players can create their own robot and take it to the arena where battles will be waged between other robots. Only one can be the ultimate bot designer. Is it you?


Robot Customization: Customize your robot with different weapons, pistons, motors and more! Even your robot's chassis can be customized to your liking.

Career Mode: Fight against AI opponents in Career Mode to hone your combat and design skills.

Hazardous Arenas: Battle against other players in arenas that are riddled with different hazards and obstacles to be avoided like lightning, lava, and holes in the arena floor.

Multiplayer Battles: Take to the arena with other online players and battle it out to find out whose bot is truly the most deadly.

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  • Robot Arena III Launch Trailer:

    Robot Arena III has nothing to do with the Chris Jericho's "Robot Combat League" that was on TV [though it DOES bear a striking resemblance]. Build your ow

  • Robot Arena III Teaser Trailer

    Octopus Tree has announced that Robot Arena III is coming to Steam on May 26.

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