Rogue Universe

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    Must Games

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    2D Sci-Fi, Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Rogue Universe is a 2D massively multiplayer online strategy game featuring visuals inspired by classic comic books. Enabled by era-defining advances in technology, a triage of massive factions rise to extend their own control over the entire universe. Will you pledge your aid to one of the big three, or pave your own path to glory?

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Wild World: Discover and potentially recruit over 10 hand-crafted characters complete with their unique looks, backstories, motivations, and more.

Home Sweet Home: Your mothership is where the magic happens. Build fleets, engage in diplomacy, train the crew, fund research, and much more from command central.

Finding Friends: Sweet talk your way into a guild or create your own and enjoy the comfort of a reliable alliance, or go it solo and try to survive in the far reaches of outer space alone.

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  • Rogue Universe Launch Trailer

    The future of an interdimensional traveling universe is filled with as much uncertainty as it is opportunity. Strike out across the stars and rule the gala

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