Sacrifice Your Friends

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    Astrolabe Interactive

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Sacrifice Your Friends is a chaotic 3D party-brawler set in a cultish and cartoony H.P. Lovecraft-themed universe.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Time for Action: Assemble cultists from across your couch or around the globe for a hectic 4-player cross-platform enabled experience. Alternatively, take a tour exploring the classic source material in a narrative-driven singleplayer campaign.

Undying Cause: Dedicate your heart and mind to the Old Gods for otherworldly powers, unique weapon unlocks, and additional customization options.

Call of the Void: Turn the tides of a losing fight by transforming into an avatar of destruction capable of unleashing hell on the battlefield with devastatingly powerful abilities.

Hell and Back: Master the intricacies and nuances of 20+ diverse stages taking place in distinctly Lovecraftian environments.

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