Saga Kingdoms

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    Gnome Templar

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    PC, iOS, Android

In Saga Kingdoms players command one of 6 factions battling for control of gaia. Unlike most other RTS games that may have a single campaign, Saga Kingdoms is a true MMO, allowing an unlimited number to adventure together taking their armies on numerous quests both alone and in groups. In addition to questing each player will control an island with a capital city which will serve as the seat of their power, as they venture out to take over additional towns and resources.

Saga Kingdoms is also the first RTS to transform into an RPG when playing the mobile game. Choose any of your heroes and zoom down into the world, venturing out into the wilderness alone. The hero will retain all items from the PC RTS and bring any items and experience gained back from the iOS or Android RPG.


6 Unique factions - Each faction has a unique art and playstyle. Choose from the Nature faction (Elves), War Faction (Orcs and Ogres), Light Faction (Giants and Humans), Machines Factions (Dwarves), Magic Faction (Dark Elves), or Undead Faction (Undead).

Over 150 units - Saga Kingdoms goes all out to bring you the largest unit selection in the genre

Fully customizable heroes - Each unit is led by a hero as detailed as any character in an MMO, equipped with a full range of magic items.

Real Persistence - Units gain experience with each quest. No world resets ever!

Crafting - Use rare resources found on quests to craft magic weapons and armor for your heroes.

Mobile and PC - Take your hero from the PC game to the mobile RPG, bring back items to use in the RTS.

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