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SamuTale is an open world sandbox survival MMORPG developed by Maple Media. In SamuTale players can experience a truly open world alongside other players where player housing can be constructed, crops can be grown and harvested, and an entire world is ripe for exploration, but that's not even close to describing all of the things that you can do within the world of SamuTale. The world is only as limited as your imagination, so take to it and explore to your heart's content!


Survival: First and foremost your goal is to survive by whatever means necessary. You'll need to craft and fight your way through any kinds of scenarios you might be posed with.

Farming: Farm for food to keep you and your allies well nourished and ready for every kind of adventure ahead of you!

Housing: Construct housing for players to use as their own and provide them with a safe place in-game.

Clans: Join up with a clan and work together to create entire clan villages at practically any location within the game. Form strategic alliances with other clans to extend your own clan's influence.

Clan Wars: Defend your village from enemy clans looking to take your village for their own, loot it, and extend their territories.

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