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    Coffee Stain

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    Sci-Fi, Sim, Strategy

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Automate your way to a better future, with Satisfactory, by Coffee Stain studios (the folks that brought you Goat Simulator, and no, they're not sorry, nor should they be.)


Construct: Build increasingly more complex parts so that you can build increasingly complex machines so that you can build increasingly more complex parts so th....

Automate: From automatic miner to smelter, via conveyor belt, to constructor, where your ingot can be turned into important parts, you start the show, and the machines do the rest!

Explore & Exploit: Since the machines are doing all the drudgery, head out to explore the world you find yourself on. Travel by jetpack or by Explorer land vehicle. Defend yourself with your rebar gun, or find nifty loot with your scanner.

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