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Savage Hunt is an upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Gamigo for PC and is the successor to Gamigo's previous title Dragon's Prophet. In Savage Hunt players can explore a fantastic world the combines classical MMORPG elements with unique features. Hunt, train, and fight with dragons in a grand quest to become the mightiest dragon warrior on your server. There are tons of dragons out there for you to acquire and a whole slew of players out there waiting to challenge you. How will you and your dragons stack up to the competition?


Dragon Taming: Collect over 600 different kinds of dragons that have their own unique strengths and abilities!

Tons of Quests: Go on over 4,000 quests through forests and mountains to enhance your character and discover new dragons.

PvP Battles: Engage in PvP matches to prove how strong you and your dragons are. Join a guild to participate in massive cross-server battles with friends!

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