Scarlet Nexus

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    Bandai Namco

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Scarlet Nexus is a fresh sci-fi action RPG from Bandai Namco, set in a "brain punk" future where psionics defend humanity against outside threats.

Business Model: Retail (Buy to Play)

Microtransactions: Unknown; DLC expected.

Key Features:

Combat Based on Psycho-Kinesis: Utilize your environment to lift, break, and throw objects using the power of your mind.

Defend Earth: Battle against mutants that are otherwise immune to human weapons, but be warned: they seek brains.

Deep Sci-Fi Story: A futuristic storyline inspired by sci-fi drama and anime, created by the same team behind Tales of Vesperia.

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Game Videos

  • SCARLET NEXUS Launch Trailer

    Your time has come OSF cadets! SCARLET NEXUS goes online today! Connect to a Brain Punk world and fight to defend our world from an Other invasion!

  • SCARLET NEXUS Live Action Promotional Trailer

    Launch day for SCARLET NEXUS is almost here! Today we released a live-action promotional trailer from our friends at Xbox!

  • SCARLET NEXUS Game Opening Animation

    The opening animation for SCARLET NEXUS is here! Watch our latest video and get ready to connect with the OSF when the game arrives June 25th, 2021!

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