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Scribbled Arena is an upcoming 2D twin-stick shooter developed by Apar Games for PC and will be available on Steam Early Access in September, 2017. Tank battles have never been so silly and fast-paced in Scribbled Arena where players will duke it out arena style with all sorts of chaotic projectiles flying through the air. Are you ready for insanely silly, fast-paced combat between tanks that look like your high school doodles have come to life before your very eyes? Scribbled Arena delivers a playfully simple and clean way for you to battle it out with friends while enjoying a unique art style like none other. Customize your own tank, take it to the arena, and blast away at friends and foes!


Tank Customization: Customize your tank type, as well as its primary and secondary weapons to fit your playstyle. Whether you prefer EMP blasts, shot guns, or mines Scribbled Arena has something for you.

Power-ups: Pick up different power-ups across the map to give you an advantage in the midst of battle.

Dynamic Environment: Parts of the environment can be destroyed, barricades can be pushed around, and portals can be used to avoid enemy fire.

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  • Scribbled Arena Gameplay

    An arena shooter that looks like it was drawn in a notebook? That's Scribbled Arena, and we have eleven minutes of hot gameplay here!

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