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Scrolls is Mojang’s next major gaming project following the success of Minecraft. Players are welcomed into a world of sorcery and machines as they utilize trading cards to summon their legions on a hexagonal shaped battlefield. The goal? Destroy 3 of the enemy’s 5 totems to claim victory!


Discard Resource System: Tired of waiting for lucky draws to utilize your resource cards and progress your tactics? Every card is a resource card waiting to happen as you can discard cards of a set resource type to gain resources.

Unique Resource Styles: Build a deck to master and utlize a set resource with strengths and weaknesses, or mix and match various resources for personalized strategies.

Hexagonal Grid: Deal with advanced tactics as you fight to control various interconnected lanes for dominance.

AI Challenges: Not feeling like battling players? Take on the formidable AI and add bonus handicaps to up your challenge, and rewards.

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Game Videos

  • Scrolls Official Launch Trailer

    Mojang prepares to release Scrolls, its much hyped tactical card game.

  • Scrolls Open Beta Trailer

    Scrolls unleashes new tactical decisions and twists on resource management in its new take on the iTCG formula.

Game Articles

  • Scrolls OB First Look

    By Jason Harper (Hhean), OnRPG Tactician   Scrolls is Mojang’s first release in the wake of its runaway megahit, Minecraft. At its core, Scrolls is a...