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Seacraft is a naval-based MMO shooter.  You can expect to find a wide variety of ships from America and the USSR, from a wide variety of categories such as destroyers, submarines, and battleships.  Participate in team based combat to earn rewards, which let you upgrade your ships to better prepare for future engagements.


Variety of Ships to Choose:  Submarines, battleships, destroyers, and more await your piloting.  Choose the best ship for the style of play you want!

Strategic Combat and Resources:  Control various resource points of oil, gold, and uranium.  Defend them closely, or pay smugglers to break blockades!

Weather Features:  The open ocean is a fickle mistress indeed.  Players who don't pay attention to the conditions on the sea are doomed to sink to the bottom of it!

Faction Based Gameplay:  Choose to be a part of the Russian or American forces, or go rogue and become a pirate.  Fight your enemies to earn prestige!

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    SeaCraft is an online naval shooter that will drive you into the enthralling world of sea battles from equatorial latitudes to northern ices.

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