Second Chance Heroes

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  • Developer:
    Rocket City Studios

  • Genres:
    3D Historical, Fighting

Second Chance Heroes is an intense, fast-paced, arcade-style co-op game featuring the cloned avatars of historical legends. Players crush the apocalypses back into the dark in co-op mode, up to four players. The game features a dedicated server, and plenty of satisfying violence.


Bizarre Aesthetic: The game hardly takes itself seriously - despite featuring historical heavyweights, there's no shortage of over-the-top carnage and comedy. Players fight everything from aliens, to zombies, to sentient cheeseburgers in a world filled to the brim with chaos and mayhem.

Arcade Co-op: Like the video gaming days of old, players can team up in groups of four and smash enemies together. The game's true potential is unleashed in co-op mode, and with a large roster of historical heroes to choose from, synergies will be easy to find. With a dedicated server, the game is easy to pick up and play with friends online.

Huge Roster: The roster of historical characters is as large as it is whimsical. Each historical figure has powers and weapons that are in-line with their lifetime accomplishments (or simply weird), and history buffs should delight in taking control of some of their favorite past role models.

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  • Second Chance Heroes Trailer

    A trailer for the co-cop arcade game, Second Chance Heroes. This trailer features only four of many more playable characters, and has ample gameplay foota

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