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    Klang Games

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    Strategy, Sci-Fi

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Seed is an upcoming multiplayer survival RPG developed by Klang Games. In Seed players can explore an endless, breathing, living exoplanet while collaborating with other players for survival and to conquer new lands. Nearly all forms of biomes, habitats, seasons, weather patterns, and ecologies are present on the planet so you'll need to adapt to your surroundings whenever possible if you want to flourish. The exoplanet's is full of resources for you to acquire and seedlings for you to nurture, but you'll need to survive the varying biomes that cover the planet's surface. Help your colony work together to not only survive, but thrive in Seed!


Seedling Management: Seedlings will help you satisfy things like your hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Form routines with your colony to keep them healthy and strong.

Compounding Effects: Every little action you take in the world can cause a chain reaction of events. Relationships could start, new members of your colony could be birthed, or even death and divorce could happen.

Collaboration: Make sure that your colony collaborates well with its different parts so new technologies can be found and defenses can be destructed across it. Participate in a competitive global market where you can sell goods for profits.

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