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    Strategy, Sci-Fi

In Servo a biomechanical nanobot designed to convert waste into power, known as Bloom, has become uncontrollable and taken over the Earth. Some were wealthy enough to be able to quickly flee the Bloom's expansion while others were left behind. Players assume the role of those who made it out alive and they must outfit their own Servo team with pilots and equipment in hopes to survive harsh, new environments in this upcoming RTS by BonusXP.


Campaign: Servo features 25 different story missions in which players are able to travel back to the Earth, confront their Steelskin descendants who were left behind during the Bloom's takeover, and even conquer Moons to gain resources while combating the Bloomspawn.

Co-op Mode: Players can fight alongside their friends in Servo, helping defend each other against the Bloomspawn. The longer players can manage to stay alive the better the loot that they will receive. Co-op leaderboards even exist to help players get a feel for where they stand in comparison to others.

PvP Mode: Players can face each other in Servo-on-Servo combat in PvP Mode. There are a variety of options for players to explore as they try to strengthen their units and ultimately eliminate their opponent's base. Victories will result in credits, Servo parts, and better leaderboard standings.

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