Shadow Seven

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    Neptune Company

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy, Free To Play

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Shadow Seven is a 2D turn-based strategy RPG featuring anime-style graphics and dubbing from famous Japanese voice actors. Usurp the chaos that rules your world as an elite Moonlight Mercenary and restore peace in the absence of all order!

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Careful Consideration: Tactically utilize your units and supportive cards together to exert suffocating control over the board and strike down the enemy captain before it's too late.

Three Ways to Play: Explore the fundamentals of the game at your own pace in the story mode, go head-to-head against rival players in the PVP Duel mode, or dive into a whole other world of challenge against progressively more difficult a.i. controlled bosses.

Top Deck: Collect all manner of captains, spells, and equipment to maximize your winning potential.

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  • Shadow Seven Official Trailer

    Recruit powerful captains and collect valuable cards as you strike down evil in a world beset by the Demon Duchess' destruction!

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