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Shadowbound is a full-scale MMORPG from R2Games. Features are largely unknown at this time, but the game is entering into an open alpha. So far, old-school, complex systems and rewards appear to be implemented in the game – it is meant to draw more traditionalist MMORPG fans.


Multiple Game Modes: The primary draw of Shadowbound is the abundance of activities and game modes. There is mounted combat, purgatory events, battles of wits, talisman systems, 8v8 arenas, and plenty more. Each event and activity is unique, offers rewards, and usually only occurs during special time periods or intermittent dates. The events can be single-player or co-op, or even PVP.

Open Alpha: Currently, the game is in open alpha. Players participating now are able to directly shape the progress of the game, and influence decisions made by the developers. The earlier players get involved, the more impact they can potentially have.

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