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Run Up Game has obtained the rights to publish the magnificent graphical 3D MMORPG, Shaiya, in Malaysia and Singapore.
Shaiya is expected to be launched on the 29th November 2008.

Shaiya is a fantasy based MMORPG developed by SonoV. Sonokong, Korea largest toy producer’s subsidiary SonoV spent 3 years developing this project.
SonoV explains they are impressed by Run Up Game’s service and management in Malaysia and Singapore, therefore they believes that Run Up Game can bring up Shaiya’s popularity to other part of the world. Sonokong Co, Ltd. has a strong belief in customer satisfaction and hope to provide players in other countries the best gaming experience.

One of Shaiya’s unique feature is the MUO(Multiple Upbringing Options) system. This system is separated into “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard” and “Ultimate” 4 modes.
As the difficulty increases, the players require more experience points. In return, the player will have a higher level cap and more skill points acquired.

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