Shards of Magic

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    R2 Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Shards of Magic is a free-to-play mobile fantasy RPG developed by Reality Squared Games for iOS and Android. In Shards of Magic players can assemble their own team of completely unique characters and go on an adventure to acquire the Shards of Magic before the Evil Lord of the Abyss, Dusan, can claim the Shards for himself. Form your team of heroes and fight your way to the Shards of Magic before Dusan can think twice about using them for his own nefarious plans!


Hero Encounters: Meet other heroes on your quest and recruit them to be part of your team and help diversify your team's skills.

Tons of Levels: Play through over 350 different stages with changing difficulties for even more replayability!

PvE Content: Take on world bosses, daily quests, and an endless dungeon mode where you can earn some rare loot for your team.

PvP Mode: Fight against other players from all around the world to find out who the strongest adventurers are. What could be better than earning new rewards and your own spot on the leaderboards for all to see?

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