Shining Empire

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  • Developer:
    Arcade County

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Billed as a spiritual successor to Shining Force, Shining Empire is a retro-styled MMORPG. Reborn from the shut-down Shining Force Online, Shining Empire aims to offer a hybrid single player and multiplayer experience.


Unlimited Armies: You will be able to command an unlimited sized army, battling in giant battles that may take hours to complete! Since battles will be so epic, you will also be able to save mid-battle.

Factions Struggle: Different factions will struggle against each other through single player and multi-player actions, including ambushes, bribes, and more.

Empire Anvil: A special toolset, Empire Anvil will let you create your own adventures including graphics, music, scripts, and more.

An Explorable World: Players will be able to buy land (or steal it), build structures, dig, forge, and more.

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    Shining Empire is inspired by the Shining Force series, and will feature a retro-style RPG blend of single-player and multi-player components.

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