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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Sim

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Shop Titans is a 3D idle-RPG simulating the shopkeeping experience in a city filled with brave adventurers and bustling townsfolk. Roll up your sleeves, dust the shelves, and unlock the front door - your store is now open for business! Work hard and do well and maybe even the king himself will pay a visit one day...

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Dressed to Impress: Design and customize both your shop and personal appearance however you please! From the floors to the ceiling, shoes to hats, and everything in between - there are limitless options in how you choose to stand out.

Buy Low, Sell High: Craft, collect, upgrade, and enhance all manner of potentially marketable items for piles and piles of profit.

One Small Favor: Recruit opportunistic heroes and capable champions then assign them the task of diving into deadly dungeons where fantastic loot can be found.

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Game Videos

  • Shop Titans Official Trailer

    The gang is ready to shop & craft like never before, but this time they have a little extra spring in their step. Design and build a thriving shop i

  • Shop Titans Anniversary Update

    Our anniversary update goes live today. Celebrate with fun, feathery, and furry shop pets that will bring a friendly atmosphere to your space!

  • Shop Titans Trailer

    Buy and sell goods for massive profits, hire adventurers to explore deadly dungeons for valuable loot, and build your store-tending empire from scratch rig

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