Shovel Knight Dig

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  • Developer:
    Yacht Club Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

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Shovel Knight Dig is a 2D platforming-adventure game featuring infinite replayability and all-new high color pixel-art graphics. Drill Knight and his band of big bads have crashed the party and stolen your loot only to escape below the earth. Chase after the dastardly digging crew before they can collapse the land as a result of their reckless treasure-hunting ways!

Business Model: Currently Unknown

Microtransactions: Currently Unknown

Key Features:

Buried Alive: Going to the right of the screen is old news, these days it's all about going down. Jump, slash, and Shovel Drop your way through hand-crafted level pieces stitched together for an endless journey through the dirt.

Get Money: Amass wealth and treat yourself to permanently unlocked items guaranteed to make your life a little easier.

R-R-Remix: Revisit the charming Shovel Knight universe where a new graphical style, colorful cast of characters, and energetic soundtrack come together for an authentically fresh experience.

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  • Shovel Knight Dig Reveal Trailer

    Yacht Club Games, in partnership with Nitrome, announces a brand new Shovel Knight adventure - Shovel Knight Dig!

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