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Silent Hunter Online is a browser-based, free-to-play submarine simulation game based on the Silent Hunter franchise. Manage your flotilla, hunt down enemy convoys, and take part in server-wide campaigns.


Stunning Battles: The latest Flash 11 technology is combined with a powerful graphics engine to deliver high detail models, dynamic weather effects, advanced particle systems, and more.

Dynamic Campaign: A global, server-wide campaign puts players working together to turn the tides of war.

Multi-player Co-operative: Join up with friends and allies to form wolfpacks in order to survive the dangerous fleets of the enemy.

Authentic Boat Types: True to its origin, Silent Hunter Online offers a variety of historical boat types to command and destroy.

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  • Silent Hunter Online English Announcement

    Ubisoft brings its signature submarine-based series to the masses with a new F2P browser-based iteration, Silent Hunter Online.

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