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Silkroad-R is a free MMORPG based on the history of the Silk Road, the famous trade route of Asia. Players may choose one of two races, each with its own set of classes and abilities, and take part in a three-way conflict in the game's trading system.  Based off Silkroad Online, Silkroad-R features the same game content as Silkroad Online, but with significant changes to gameplay in order to offer an improved gaming experience.


Diverse Class Choice: Choose to play as a European Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Wizard, Bard, or Cleric; or as a Chinese specialized in Swordsmanship, Spearmanship, Bowmanship, or in the elemental forces of Cold, Lightning, Fire, or Force.

PvP/Profession System:  Participate in a unique PvP trade system in which you play as a Merchant, Hunter, or Thief, seeking glory and wealth on the Silk Road.

Fortress Wars: Join in weekly guild versus guild combat of up to 300 players over fortresses, which can be occupied to levy taxes.

Silkroad Improvements: Enjoy new bonuses from the original Silkroad Online, including increased leveling rates, improved skill balance, and a cleaner user interface.

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