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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play

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From the creative mind of Yoko Taro comes SINoALICE, a dark fantasy tale built into a free to play mobile RPG. Welcome to the world of fairytales... turned upside down.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes (Gacha-style)

Key Features:

Real Time Battles: Fight alongside other players in co-op, real-time battles against nightmares, using your skills actively based on the situation.

Guild Battles: Join a guild and battle each day during a specific time frame. These twenty minute battles will test your formation, skills, gear, and team work!

Twisted Characters: Taken from fairy tales and folklore, the characters of SINoALICE are twisted by their desires and a drive to revive their author - at the expense of others' lives. Each character has multiple classes, and skills are based on weapons, so you can choose your personal favorites in battle!

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    A new chapter arrives in mobile RPG SINoALICE, welcoming the Little Mermaid.

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    The global version of SINoALICE, the mobile fantasy battle RPG from creative director Yoko Taro, launches today on the App Store and Google Play in 139 co

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