Skater XL

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    Easy Day Studios

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Skater XL is an upcoming skateboarding title from Easy Day Studios, makers of the #1 worldwide mobile hit, Skater. It is the next natural step in the intense, realistic skateboarding experience. Presently in Early Access, it will be coming to console and PC, with unparalleled control of your board. It does require a controller, though, as it will have zero keyboard inputs available.

Business Model: Early Access

Microtransactions: N/A

Key Features:

Skate Your Way: Style your skate tricks the way you want, with incredible control over your board. Skater XL offers intuitive controls, where you can skate in a game like never before.

Grind in Real Locations: Players will be grinding and flipping in some of the legendary skate spots across America, such as the LA Courthouse.

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