Skydive: Proximity Flight

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    Gaijin Entertainment

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Skydive: Proximity Flight is an extreme sports game, using gamepad and motion controller technology to let you experience the thrills of skydiving. Use your body motions to manuever through the air, perform tricks, and adventure in gorgeous high definition environments.


Motion Controller Support: In addition to regular controllers, the game also supports PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, and Kinect.

Realistic Experience: Gameplay has been researched thoroughly, with help from experts including Jokke Sommer, Andrey Boldyrev, and Halvor Angvik.

Four Game Modes: Fly in Routes, Tricks, Freestyle, or Adrenaline Race, offering four ways to play, compete, and explore.

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  • Skydive: Proximity Flight Announcement Trailer

    A new competitive online skydive racing title, Skydive Proximity Flight, arrives on the Xbox Live network. Use your Kinect to achieve true flight.

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