Slash Arena: Online

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    Drunken Monday

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA

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Slash Arena: Online is a free-to-play fantasy MOBA developed by Drunken Monday for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux that is available for download on Steam Early Access. In Slash Arena: Online players can fight in multiplayer battles with their trusty weapon of choice, spinning it in circles in hopes of connecting with an enemy to eliminate the competition. With very simple, addicting gameplay all you need to do is dodge incoming attacks and choose the right time strike back at your foes! Will you rise to the top of the arena rankings?


Changing Appearances: Choose one of 3 different characters to take into your battles. Your character's appearance will change every 3 levels as you get more experienced, showing off to everyone just how great you're becoming at spinning your weapon.

Weapon Upgrades: Every match gives you the chance to collect more resources to upgrade your weapons and increase your striking power, as well as boost your matchmaking ranking so you can take on more experienced opponents.

Two Game Modes: Fight in free-for-all Deathmatches where 30 players battle it out against each other, or take part in Arena 1vs1 battles where players can fight another individual to increase their ranking.

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