Smash Up

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    Nomad Games

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Smash Up is a free-to-play strategy card game developed by Nomad Games for PC and is available for Early Access download on Steam. Nomad Game's Smash Up is an entertaining digital adaptation of the original card game where players can take two different factions like zombies, pirates, robots, and more, and combine them to create a deck of their own! If you were a fan of the card game itself, then you'll surely enjoy seeing your battles come to life in the digital version Smash Up where you can become a master of all factions and their combinations.


Deck Combinations: Every deck gets made up of two different factions, resulting in completely different playstyles for all types of combinations.

AI Matches: Practice your skills and try out new deck combinations in AI matches before you try to take on other players with them online.

Deck Selection Methods: Choose to enter matches that either have randomized deck factions or ones that let you pick your own. Either way you're sure to get an interesting combination!

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