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Mankind has used up Earth’s entire atmosphere, thanks to their wasteful nature. Violent storms ravage the planet, while in spring and summer the ultraviolet radiation forces the people into hiding. The governments of Earth decide to buildan artificial atmosphere to protect the people from UV radiation. Using this new technology – a compressing tachyon generator – mankind is saved from the UV radiation while people can still enjoy the sunlight.
In the CERN- exploratory complex in Switzerland, scientists create a new technology for interplanetary travel: the PostGate technology. Using artificial wormholes, a small sensor is sent millions of light years away to an unknown planet. The planet is named forthe founder of the new technology: Dorian I.
Leading astrophysicists develop a plan to build a larger version of the PostGate to allow people to travel between planets. During the first test, the spaceship New Frontiers reaches Dorian I in mere seconds and sends a message via HyperNet, a broadcasting system faster than the speed of light, from the quadrant known as the Carneth-Sector.
Soon afterwards,a planet with similar environmental conditions has been found at last. Alastair, named after Alastair Cameron, the well-known astrophysicist, seems to be the first colonizable planet. The natural ecosystem is comparable to Earth’s ecosystem and still has something most humans had nearly forgotten: Winter.
After much debate in the newly formedInterstellar Governmentthe decision is madeto colonize Alastair – both as a pilot projectand to give the growing population an enjoyableholiday resort. The planet has nowbecome a popular resort for people of all different cultures. While someseek relaxation in the hot springs of ‘Oblivion’, many others start to look for exhilarating extreme sports challenges. These adventurous people, known as Snowboarders, zoom down the slopes in competition to find the ‘King of Boarding’.
Welcome to SnowBound Online – this is your chance to become king of the mountain!

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