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Solstice Arena is a "speed MOBA" (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) designed exclusively for the iPad and iPhone. Featuring fast-paced 3v3 action, gamers can battle against bots alone or with a friend, or against each other for competitive player versus player action. Matches are designed to last on average 10 minutes at most, making the MOBA genre more accessible for mobile gamers.


Customizable Heroes: With over 10 heroes at launch (and more to follow), each hero can be customized along one of three paths to fit your gameplay. Skins will also be available to help distinguish your favorites on the battlefield.
Fast Matches: Matches are designed to last an average of 5-12 minutes, making it easier for gamers to get in and out of matches on a busy schedule.
No Farming: Minions and farming have been eliminated from the typical MOBA gameplay, making the game focused on team play and speed.
Fair to Play Model: Microtransactions will be focused on skins and other cosmetic customization options, aiming to allow all players a fair chance to compete.

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  • Solstice Arena Steam Launch Trailer

    Solstice Arena's PC version is set to launch on Steam, allowing players to jump into the action alongside Mac and Iphone players.

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