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Sombrero is a spaghetti western multiplayer platformer developed by PixelMetal for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. In Sombrero players can experience the thrill of a western-themed shootout with a cast of rough-and-ready characters to play as. Whether you're a law-abiding citizen or a cattle rustler that loves to tussle Sombrero has a character and game mode for you, just make sure that you don't end up actually getting into a tussle with your friends!


Power-ups: Watch out for power-ups on the maps. Everything from shotguns to alien weaponry can be at your disposal if you keep your eyes peel and collect any power-ups you find.

Local and Online: Whether you want to take on people from around the world or simply enjoy a good shootout with your friends on the couch, Sombrero has you covered with both online and local multiplayer games.

4 Game Modes: Sombrero features 4 different game modes for players to battle in: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Loot, and Banditos. Pick your poison and show you're the only one suited for the harsh wild west!

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