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Soul of Guardian takes browser based action combat to new heights. With fast paced crisp looking combat, four classes, massive customization, and an array of community features, you'll feel like you're playing a full client based MMO in the comfort of your browser!


4 Classes: Choose from the Blade Warrior (high accuracy melee dps), Dagger Assassin (Jack of All Trades), Hammer Judge (Hard hitting tank), or Spear Guard (high evade, disruption, and lasting power) and master an arrange of skills of your choice to specialize your class as you see fit.

Immense Customization: From altering your stats through the relic and gem system to purchasing fashion to various skill trees, players should find plenty of ways to differentiate themselves from the mold.

Community Focused: With fun events like dragon hunting, fishing, and guilds, you should have an easy time feeling at one with the community.

Daily Events: A huge number of events occur at different times each day to give you plenty of gameplay options and keep things fresh.

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  • Josh Nicholson

    its not even allowing me to play

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