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Soul Worker is a 3D MORPG created by Lion Games. With an anime inspired world, players will wield fierce weaponry as they become soldiers known as Soul Workers and join in on a great war against creatures and being who are trying to extinguish the human race from existence.


High Quality Visuals: Using an in-house engine, Soul Worker uses high quality cel-shaded rendering to bring 2D expressive visuals to life.

Fast-paced gameplay: Soul Worker offers up intense, flashy and combo heavy combat that can be enjoyed either solo or co-op.

Stylish Characters: Play as highly detailed and expressive characters with tons of style and personality.

Personal Room: Customize your very own apartment room for friends to hang out in.

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  • Gameforge Will Publish SoulWorker in the West

    Gameforge announces its cooperation with South Korean development studio Lion Games and will be publishing SoulWorker in North America and Europe. "...

  • Boobven

    Soul Worker KR had been released today at 1:00 PM korean time. Anyone want to play this game can get verified Soul Worker KR OBT account from OBTGAME.

  • Jamal Claude

    Will this ever be for mobile?