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    Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA, Strategy

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Spellbinders is a free to play mobile MOBA developed by Kiloo for iOS and Android where players can become a Spellbinder, a commander of the battlefield who can summon units, cast spells, and call upon Titans to fight for them. You will need to manage three separate lanes, using your units to push your enemies back and destroy their base. With a good strategy and the strength of your Titans beside you, nobody will be able to stand in your way of becoming the best Spellbinder ever!


Spellbinder Upgrades: Upgrade your Spellbinder with coins you earn from winning matches, increasing your overall health or mana.

Spellbinder Skills: You can unlock more Spellbinders as you play, each of which has their own unique units and skills to use in battles.

Capture Canons: Every lane has a canon in the middle of it that can be captured and used to whittle away at your enemy's health. If you manage to capture all of them and hold them for a short time, they will unleash a combined burst shot that deals even more damage to your foe.

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