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    Massive Miniteam

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Spitlings is a 2D action-platformer featuring up to 4-player chaotic co-op wherein if one player falls behind everyone gets punished. Chase down and spit at bubbles, save your friends, and protect your city skyscraper hometown from a deluge of rainy weather!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Jump and Shoot: Navigate dense stages splitting bubbles and maneuvering away from deadly dangers all the while.

Remix: Cultivate a new way to play with a slew of mutations perfect for adding ridiculous layers of depth to your experience.

Collection Catalogue: Dive into over 100+ missions complete with unlockable cosmetics, characters, and more!

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  • Spitlings Release Trailer

    The Spitlings are happy little creatures, living a peaceful life in their skyscraper hometown. Their only problem is the weather: It rains nasty goop that

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