Star Trek Timelines

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    Disruptor Beam

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Star Trek Timelines is a free-to-play mobile sci-fi game developed by Disruptor Beam for iOS and Android. In Star Trek Timelines players can join Starfleet and explore the Final Frontier as they overcome challenges throughout the entire history of Star Trek! With great graphics that bring your favorite Star Trek ships to life, a slew of crew members to choose from, and exciting rewards to be earned it will draw you into the Star Trek universe that you've come to know and love! So choose your ship, choose your crew, and go explore the galaxy!


Recognizable Ships: Pilot tons of different kinds of ships you've come to know and love like the USS Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant, the Borg Cube, a Klingon Bird of Prey and many more!

Crew Choice: Create your own personal crew for your ship that is made up entirely from recognizable characters from the Star Trek universe including the original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.

Star Trek Factions: Build favor with different factions from the Star Trek universe like the Federation, Section 31, the Maquis, the Dominion, and the Terran Empire (TOS: “Mirror, Mirror”). If you get in good enough with them you might find that it will be better for you if it stays that way.

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